Pet sitting and Dog walking

When you have to be away from singapore be it a working trip or holiday, separating from your pets can be stressful for them. Some pets can be very stressful when they have to be moved away from their comfortable ground to another different environment. We LittleBlackPaws with experience from dog walking to dog sitting, your pets will be taken care in the comfort of their home. Pet sitting is the best you can give your pets when you are away because this can ensure that your pets is happy and comfortable.


Animal communication

Animal communication is an art of communicating with them without even needing a spoken language. It uses telepathic skills. In order to have a telepathic pathways it is needed to connect with an ancient part of the brain and consciousness. This animal communication method allow to communicate with animals, sending and receiving messages through the heart and mind in forms of feelings, images and sensations, smells, intuition and dialogue.

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