Why dog walking is a must?

Dog walking is a must to get them exercised. Other then getting our dog exercise, dog walking keep dogs from being bored. It will helps to drain the energy off from your pets so that they can be calmer. It’s also a behavior training opportunity to teach your dogs how to walk properly in dogs company. It will help to build up the relationship between the owner and the pets.




Dog that don’t exercise as they grow older they will become over weight, when they grow over weight all sort of sickness will start to surface. Younger dogs may need up to 30min to 45min of exercise, it depend on their fitness level but sports and herding dogs may need more exercise as their nature they are active.



If you have a big yard or you often bring them to parks, walking may not be the only exercise you can do. Just to make sure when you have a big yard or bring them to parks and you expect them to workout on their own, they might not. Not Much dogs will keep themselves entertain so you need to create routine for them such as playing catch or fetch. If you don’t have the time you can consider engaging a experience dog walker to start getting your dogs to exercise.


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When you walking your dogs you can also consider do some simple basic training to them. You can teach them few simple stuff like sit or stay. In nature itself dogs may not know how to walk in leash, from there you can guide them following your lead. While walking outside you may end up meeting other dogs owner with their pets. From there its another opportunity to help your dogs how to learn to accept ways of interacting with other dogs. With that type of approach is introduced as they are younger and when they grow older they can learn to accept each other dogs better. It will help to reduce fear, anxiety and help to build confident in them.

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